Let World Environment Day be a commitment

World Environment Day is just symbolic for us as our government is so callous to environment the way condition of Ganga, Yamuna & many other rivers is because of pollution, encroachments & unplanned dams. Also our paradigm of unsustainable development of giving a free hand to corporate for mining, sand plants and various other development projects in which they can erase forest anyway.


And the biggest irony is even most of people are not at all environment conscious; they don’t support public transport systems, energy & water efficient systems. We talk of great culture heritage but there was no sanitation, hygiene and civic sense in it and modi ji loves to rename schemes but swachh bharat campaign is in practice since 1999 and then it used to be called Total Sanitation Campaign. And we can never plan for future like our cities are most polluted because of petrol & diesel fuel vehicles, Coal thermal plants but there is no immediate plan to shift to clean fuel, energy or upgrade public transport with electric buses. Chennai flood clearly showed how insensitive, clueless our systems in place are or be it the ineffectiveness of our environment regulations. Well it is to be seen in these times of changing climate how long it will take for smart cities to come in practice and how soon can we phase out coal power plants & how effective ambitious wind & solar energy missions are going to be.

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