Is Chennai Flood a wake up call for Delhi

Chennai flood is a wakeup call and in a potent way unveiled that how vulnerable we are making ourselves through this paradigm of unsustainable development. We are encroaching our floodplains, water bodies everywhere for development activities and same is the case in Delhi where we have built Common Wealth Game Stadium , metro station, real estate’s on Yamuna flood plains. There is no city planning , regard for environmental norms & we all know the extent of Yamuna pollution & decades of inaction to revive it.

lal kila best

Delhi is the most polluted city in world because of govt. inaction of delaying a effective public transport system. Even their idea of public transport is shortsighted one as they are going with CNG buses instead of opting for pollution free battery powered buses or electric buses. They can be innovative & can go for trams to end monopoly of these cars & personal vehicles that has made our lungs restless. Also the construction mania is on full scale in every part of city & there is hardly any ecological consideration in that. No construction norms are followed & respective authorities are bribed to have their way. So transition from corporate- politician nexus of real estate’s to smart cities is a distant dream. I can’t even say that city is any cleaner because of swachh bharat campaign as most of our flagship campaigns works at a snail’s pace. We needed a simple legislation with a will to enforce it to fine heavily the people who spits, urinates or throw wastes in public places. It’s so annoying to see that even after 68 year of independence we are still struggling with these basic amenities. Our society has to be proactive and have to ensure that present development model is in sync with changing climate scenario & well being of future generations.

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